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What is the best way to build my business and B2B relationships?



Today, on-line social networking has become a great tool to bring together virtual communities. RSPA has a Facebook group page, a LinkedIn Retail Technology Group, and you will even be able to follow the highlights of RetailNOW on Twitter. But… you gotta BE somewhere. Eventually, people have to meet face to face to create business relationships and share ideas. On-line social networks are excellent tools to provide ongoing supplemental communications but nothing beats face to face time with your peers, customers and suppliers. That’s what RetailNOW is all about. It’s an annual venue to bring our industry together for education, information, ideas and the face to face creation of relationships which will help your business and stay with you your entire career.

I’ve always enjoyed educational conferences and trade shows. For me, the good ones always provide good, relevant information, and the creative sparks which have allowed me to be at the top of my game, ahead of the competition or out front with a new approach to business.

Because face to face relationships are a MUST, you have to be somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ should be the only place Where the Industry Meets – RetailNOW. A lot of other people agree and have already registered (still running ahead of last year) to attend and meet with some world-class suppliers (full exhibit hall is expected), experience compelling educational content (23 sessions and two keynote speeches) and experience the best kind of social networking – face to face.

Check out our web site for the latest show information. and our great room rate at Mandalay Bay – Register NOW and be at RetailNOW – Where the Industry Meets.

See you in Las Vegas!
Joe F.

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