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Hard facts on RSPA’s RetailNOW status.


It’s great to finally hear some good news on the economy and the start of a turn around. Are you and your business ready or are you hunkered down? The smart money is on the people and businesses that are proactive and have adapted to the new business paradigm. If you need information to make these right choices, then RSPA’s RetailNOW is the place to get educated and informed.

Here are the latest facts on RetailNOW:

FACT: This year we kicked-up the quality level of the education sessions a notch. We tweaked the event schedule so education sessions and the expo don’t conflict. Hey, this year you don’t have to choose, you can attend both! Right now it looks like the expo hall will have at least the same amount of exhibitors as last year – and our RetailNEXT pavilion is full.

FACT: Event registration is still running ahead of last year! Even though registrations are ahead of last year, the RSPA team is not taking that for granted. That’s why you continue to get these timely updates, we want you to hear the real facts straight from RSPA.

FACT: This year, we added more meeting space for vendors to meet with their dealer channels and all those meeting slots are full. Several vendors are holding major meetings in conjunction with RetailNOW. That reduces your expenses and saves time. Smart move!

FACT: We worked with Mandalay Bay to lower the RSPA room rate. In the past four weeks I have attended two shows at Mandalay Bay (ETA and KioskCOM). RSPA’s group room rate of $119, including free daily internet and spa access, is the best rate so far.

To sum up the facts: relevant education, an expo floor with exhibitors ready to spend quality time with dealers, and great networking events to share best practices. Dealers, ask yourself: are you ready for the turn around? RetailNOW is worth your time and investment. Landing a new product, one extra deal, or a good business idea will provide you with a significant ROI.

Check out our web site for the latest show information – Register NOW and be at RetailNOW – Where the Industry Meets.

See you in Las Vegas!
Joe F.

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