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No Excuses – You Can’t Afford Not to Attend


A recent Forbes article polled CEO’s asking “What’s the most important thing we must do right now?”. They all stated that you need pay very close attention to today’s business while preparing for the future. My final blog before the show is simple – No excuses, you can’t afford not to attend. Ok… So that’s what you’d expect the President of RSPA to say, but I’m just echoing a message I’ve heard from many dealers over the past several weeks. I’ve heard, “you can’t afford not to attend if you want to improve your business and be ready for the turn around…there is no excuse not to attend RetailNOW”. I couldn’t agree more!

Show Update:
As we move into the final week for pre-show registration, the attendee count remains ahead of last year’s show. RetailNOW 2009 will have the same, if not more exhibitors than last year’s show. Those are the hard facts; they speak for themselves. There is a lot of interest in this year’s show as it will be a venue for the industry to truly come together.
Our contacts and Mandalay Bay tell us that they were 98% booked for the month of April and are over 80% sold for the dates of our show. While Mandalay Bay’s booking information may not be an economic indicator quoted in the Wall Street Journal, it does provide some insight that the convention business is on the upswing.

Face to Face Interaction:
28 Dealer/Vendor meetings scheduled to provide you with the perfect opportunity to gather new ideas, solve problems and discover best practices.
Compelling Education: 23 different education sessions and two keynote presentations are lined up to provide you with industry specific information and ideas to help take your business to the next level.
See it, Hear it, Touch it Technology: Over 130 exhibitors on the expo floor along with RSPA’s RetailNEXT pavilion providing you with a chance to see current, new, and future technology.

Great Venue:
Mandalay Bay is a world class convention destination making it the perfect venue for conducting business and a great $119 room rate (with free high speed internet included) will reduce your typical show expense.

To use Las Vegas vernacular…the smart money is with the dealer who is both taking care of business today and preparing his business for the future. You can stay home and use the economy or time constraints as excuses not to attend RetailNOW… But the education, information, best practices, and product ideas, as well as the connections you will make at RetailNOW will provide you and your company with a payback for your expense and time. You can’t afford not to attend!

Don’t hesitate any longer – There are only a few days left to register for RetailNOW. Your next mouse click should be to register at and be at RetailNOW – Where the Industry Meets.

See you in Las Vegas!
Joe F.

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