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Year One


Check Out the POS Equipment
My one year anniversary at RSPA is coming up so I’ve been thinking about how I’ve morphed from a regular geek to a retail technology geek. A year ago I was clueless about POS equipment and the nuances of PCI. Now, I don’t think twice about ‘checking out’ what brand of POS equipment and credit card machinery my local retail outlet uses – from my hair salon to my grocery store to COSTCO. Oh and did I mention that my whole family is required to check the paper credit card receipts to make sure the card number is masked? My husband who’s in the food service industry even reported back to me recently that a small restaurant he visited didn’t mask the credit card number. Instead of just saying, that’s not right and brushing it off, I took that merchant’s name and address and found the closest RSPA member to pass that lead onto.

I had my first ah-ha moment a few months before RetailNOW while reading an article in one of the trade publications. I actually knew the person that was referenced in the article! I recognized pictures and could say who it was. It was hard to believe that day had arrived. During my first few months I listened in awe as staff casually dropped names into a conversation about this member and that company – without a second thought. Now I could do it with the best of them!

Working with my Education & Certification committee has been a blast. I’m most proud of our launching the RSPA Certification program at RetailNOW. Our next challenge will be to expand the program with the first of many add-on modules focusing on PCI. During the past year we initiated other changes – like scheduling two webinars a month and capturing them for on-demand viewing. We coordinated some successful on-site training for selling skills and negotiations. The folks on the Education & Certification committee continue to bring their dedication and knowledge which helps me look good!

I survived!
I have never been so tired and so exhilarated at the same! Yes, I’m talking about RetailNOW. In my eyes, it was a big success. We all worked really hard to make it a worthwhile event for you. This year I had a major learning curve to overcome; next year I’ll be ready with some fresh ideas for education. Speaking of learning curves, I have some new skills for my resume….programming a cash register, using a credit card machine and packing a shipping pallet!

Cool Education in a Hot Location
As INSPIRE2010 approaches, I recall how nervous I was about last year’s event. Now I anticipate seeing members from last year, making new acquaintances, and catching up with business contacts who have become friends. Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing my snorkel buddy too!

It’s been a memorable year and I look forward to the start of year 2!

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