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Curbing Misguided Expectations

I think it’s easy – when you’ve never met someone, done something or been somewhere – to rely on mass media or stereotypes to form an opinion about someone, something or somewhere.
We have all heard about Cancun, Mexico. Good or bad, you know of it. I’ve never been there, but based on hearsay, words that did not come to my mind when we chose Cancun were business, beauty or family. I couldn’t be more wrong.
Recently, Joe and I traveled to Cancun on behalf of RSPA for a site visit to meet with the hotel, photograph the property and speak with Destination Management Companies for planning purposes. When we landed at the airport, I saw the beautiful landscape, crystal blue water and sunny skies and immediately realized there was a very different picture in front of me than the one I painted in my mind. Rather than worrying about what I ate or drank, I smiled at the sign assuring me that the hotel purifies all of their water (of course they would). I listened as the friendly staff guaranteed the quality of our surroundings was of the highest we could expect.
I began to see how our event would take shape at this great location and laughed at myself for the incredible misconceptions I had about Cancun; or Mexico for that matter. Not only were my pre-conceived notions wrong, I had come to appreciate and adore the culture surrounding me.
It soon dawned on me the challenges that lie ahead: how do we get people to see Cancun for what it really is? Experience is the greatest form of proof, however, some have never been to Cancun.

 It’s hard to tell someone ‘take my word for it’, but I challenge you to take everything you think you know about Cancun, or Mexico, and throw it out the window.

What I learned about Cancun and more specifically CasaMagna is: it’s friendly, professional, fun and refreshing. It wasn’t until I curbed my misguided expectations that I was able to see and appreciate all of these great qualities.



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