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Take a Peek InsideRSPA’s INSPIRE2010 is just around the corner… This year INSPIRE is being held at the Marriott Casa Magna Resort in Cancun, Mexico, February 7th-10th.  The purpose of “Inside INSPIRE” blog will be to provide inside information on the event and not to be an advertisement.  I’ll try my best to stick to that mission.

Why Cancun?

Believe it or not we need to schedule events and locations 2 -3 years in advance. We do that to secure our requested dates, the best locations and decent pricing.  Cancun is the third stop on a three year agreement with Marriott. We selected Cancun for 2010 because it would be accessible and less expensive than some of the other Caribbean stops. You may have also noticed that we have been making a slow progression to the west… St. Thomas, Aruba and now Cancun. This is done to even out travel for our members who attend from all corners of the Americas. 

Cancun is a great venue, the hotel is stunning and it’s an easy flight from many gateways. Our flight from Charlotte, for the site visit, took less than three hours. To put that in perspective, it takes over an hour longer to get from Charlotte to Las Vegas! We have also been able to tweak the hotel rates to match the current economic conditions. We’ve secured a rate comparable to a decent “down the street” hotel on the mainland.  

Finally Cancun fits the goals of INSPIRE – “ Education with a View”.  INSPIRE is executive level education, first class networking events to share ideas in a world-class location leaving attendees inspired to take their business to the next level. ( ok.. I know that sounds like an advertisement for the event.)

See you at INSPIRE2010 (,

Joe F.

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