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INSPIRE – It’s almost here!


Each morning I’m greeted at my office door with an inviting INSPIRE ‘Save the Date’ magnet. What used to be just a far off thought of education, networking and warm weather is now upon us. I’ve worked hard to line-up some great education opportunities for you.

Before I share some tidbits about the great educational content, I want to let you know that in a continuing effort to go green at RSPA, all education materials will be provided on a jump stick. Plan to bring your laptop to the sessions and have all the materials available for note taking. Won’t that be great? No more bulky notebook to squeeze into your luggage. Once you get back to your office, you can share the files more easily.

Now on to education. In today’s blog, I’m going to focus on Day 1 of education. During the summer, discussion about social networking heated up. What is it? Do I really need it? Many of us are experimenting with building communities to (hopefully) generate revenue using Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin groups, while still managing our businesses. Whew, it’s confusing and time consuming.

Our opening session on Monday will be all about social networking. First up will be Brian Offenberger, CEO of Right On – No Bull Marketing, and the radio personality behind the internet radio show called RSSRay on Brian will take a broad approach to help us make sense of the social buzz. Brian has packaged an e-book called “11 Marketing Mistakes” and a learning guide that will provide you with guidelines for your marketing campaigns.  

Christy Thompson, Strategic Marketing Director for ScanSource is next in the line-up following Brian’s lead. She spent countless hours conducting research before launching into social media. You will hear the results of her research and how she’s seeing social media used successfully in our retail technology market. You’re guaranteed to go home with great content.  

We’ll finish the morning with Laurel Kent, Wealth Management Advisor, who’ll give us her take on how the economy is doing and where it’s headed.

A full day and great beginning to INSPIRE‘s “Education with a View.”

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