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Inside INSPIRE (Installment #3)


In the first two installments of the ‘Inside INSPIRE’ blog we looked at how we select a site for the conference and how to get great deals on travel. In this installment we are going to take an inside look at who attends INSPIRE.  The “Winter Conference”, as it was known for years, became a gathering point for our industry’s leaders.  Back in the 1980’s the ICRDA “Winter Conference” also had exhibits but over time the exhibits were eliminated and the “Winter Conference” evolved into a gathering of dealer owners and dealerships’ executive management.

Seeing that, vendors decided to once again attend the winter conference to network with the decision makers of the industry’s best dealers. Over the past three years we have made expanded and upgraded the education content and networking opportunities and made them  the focal points of INSPIRE.  

So who attends INSPIRE? The industry leaders; Dealer owners and their executive management along with the executive management from the premier vendors in our industry.  Time and time again I hear from both dealer and vendor attendees that the education and the sharing of ideas in a relaxed setting is the perfect environment for collaboration and provides a significant ROI on the INSPIRE investment.

So… Who attends INSPIRE? The leaders…

See you at INSPIRE2010,

Joe F.

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