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Inside INSPIRE (Installment #4)


Time for Strategic Thinking?

These days we are electronically tethered to information; e-mail, e-newsletters, social media, cell phones, office phones, radio, TV and the web. We are addicted to our BlackBerry’s, profiled on Facebook and we are LinkedIn. We are all constantly connected, interrupted and our time to focus tends to come in smaller intervals. What does this do to our ability to think about a problem from start to finish or find a creative idea or solution?

What if you were able to get way for three days, without interruptions, surround yourself with industry leaders, receive stimulating education and bounce ideas, questions and concerns off your peers and leave with creative ideas to help you and your business? I know I’d jump at the chance to get real information and relevant ideas. Well that’s the entire reason INSPIRE was created. We toss in a world class destination to get the attention of potential attendees. However, INSPIRE is all about education and sharing of ideas to make your business better. Over the past couple of years I have presented ideas to expand the conference, maybe take it in a different direction. In response, our membership has consistently responded that the business owners need a venue to think strategically.

I know, I know, this might sound like commercial for INSPIRE but it’s not… it’s a challenge. Look at this conference from a different perspective. Take the time to think strategically about how you approach your business. Ask yourself if you really take the time to approach your business strategically and if you tried it, how it would benefit your business? 

So… Why do members attend INSPIRE? It’s a Time for Strategic Thinking!

See you at INSPIRE2010,                        

Joe F.

Registration Deadline – January 8 ,2010

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