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Trapped in the Heat Wave


Back Story:
It’s confusing, overwhelming, and in a lot of ways foreign…social media, the untamed beast! I returned from my maternity leave in August (yes, as a new mom I had to incorporate my sweet son somewhere in my first blog so see picture to the right), and social media was all the rage….and I felt very behind the times. As head of marketing for RSPA, this is something I should have seen coming. I had heard about twitter at an educational conference over 2 years ago but blew it off. Clearly not one of my best decisions. So here I am, in the middle of the social media heat wave and I’m in a big northface jacket  feeling very out of place. Long story short, I took it back to my college days and crammed big time. I researched anything and everything social media – how could we use this tool for RSPA and our members? Fast forward  5 months, I feel much more comfortable in this world but, like all of us, am always learning. During the past several months, I have come across some handy tips and tricks that I am excited to share with you here and in coming blogs.

Summary: Social media is about real conversations, not traditional marketing. It’s transparent – that is the whole essence of social media.

Resources (FREE Resources…which makes them even sweeter) :

  • Find out who is talking about you on twitter. is google alerts but for twitter.
  • Want your twitter and facebook fan page to update automatically with your tweets? Click here to set up your cross social media communication craziness right now. Click here for another resource to do the same thing.
  • Have you followed someone on twitter and wondered how they were able to customize their twitter background page? It’s easy, all you need is Powerpoint. Click here to learn how.
  • Obsessed with twitter? Check out for great advice and neat tricks for twitter.
  • Need help promoting your event with social media, check out this article.
  • If you are like many people and still aren’t grasping the social media concept, take the next 13 minutes and watch this home-grown video on how to look at social media. Production quality = poor/ Content = priceless!
  • Don’t think you need to blog, think again. Click here to read why small businesses should blog.
  • If you use email to market to your customers/prospects, I highly recommend signing up for the blog posts from the people at Their email marketing services aren’t as user-friendly as I would have liked but they have great information to share. Here is an article on spam filters – great resource to keep handy.
  • Inspire 2010 is featuring two great speakers on social media. Check out agenda here.

Cheers to Marketing Success!

Next blog preview: Free website analytic and promotion tools. Subscribe to my blog today.

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