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Did you attend the NRF (National Retail Federation) show the week of January 11th at the Javits’ Center New York City? Each year about 20,000 retailers and vendors attend this show. The exhibitors are mainly technology providers and over the years many new technologies have been introduced at the show. I’ve been attending this event on a regular basis since the late 70’s because it  provides a broad view of the technologies addressing the retail marketplace and a peek into the coming year’s business potential.

As I cruised this year’s show and spoke to the many RSPA members exhibiting there, I  was asking about the show traffic, interest and what’s the hot or new technology. From those discussions I was able to get a collective business outlook and a feel for the show’s “buzz”. I am glad to report that last year’s concern has been replaced by opportunities, optimism and interest! 

Yes! Once again, signs of forward motion in our business. Anecdotally, I heard that show traffic was up 15-20% over the prior year, where attendance was down 25 – 30%. While there were no new hot technologies, there was sincere interest in making technology purchases over the next year. Both attendees and exhibitors were excited to once again be in this position. Validating the excitement was IHL’s  research study on projected purchases, which reflected large retailers’ need to make purchases in the coming year.

Market optimism, excitement  and opportunity –  It’s a good way to kick-off the year and be able to turn this excitement into real business.

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  1. 2010/01/19 11:12 am

    Its great to see a president that is so involved in the industry! Thanks for representing the RSPA at the NRF convention. It was great to see familiar faces at the show especially from the RSPA association, which I so believe is the the future of the Retail/Hospitality Industry! Keep up the hard work and dedication. We ALL appreciate it very much! See you all in Vegas in July!
    Mike Graves
    Hillside Electronics Corporation
    17 Buffiington Hill Rd.
    Worthington, MA 01098

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