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Embracing the New Normal



Why Improve?

Quick question: When you make a sales presentation do you tell the prospect that the new system you are proposing will make things “the way they were before”?   Probably not or you would be out of business fairly quickly.  Recent reports that we are coming out of the economic turmoil have sparked some to say… “I hope things will soon be back to the way they were before”.   As for me, I don’t want it the way it used to be…I want it to be better than before.  The price for this action is that we all need to understand the new economy, marketing tools, technologies and business realities to make it better.

For our part at RSPA, we are constantly evaluating and leveraging new processes and technologies to be more productive.  Our cross media membership program involves, key vendor members, the use of personal URLs (PURLS), direct mail and old fashioned phone and e-mail contact – a good mix of proven and new methods and tools to get the job done.  We are also evaluating new services and benefits to help our members grow business and reduce expenses.  We want to make it better than it used to be.


RetailNOW 2010 is a great example of  to show how RSPA is ‘making it better’. The trade show business is evolving and this year we have made several changes to RetailNOW.  The length of the show has been compressed to reduce members’ time out of the office and maximize the education, dealer/vendor expo interaction and networking.  The education program continues to be enhanced with industry specific content that you will not want to miss.  We have limited the number of exhibitors to ensure quality for the attendees… and we have marketing programs to bring even more dealer members to the show floor, education and the event overall.  The staff at Mandalay Bay recently told RSPA that RetailNOW was one of the best events they’ve hosted in 2009!   While we are appreciative of the high praise received from a world class convention destination, we are working hard to make this year’s event better. Mark your calendar for July 25 – 28:  RetailNOW 2010.

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