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Inspire-d Again!


I just returned from Cancun “inspired.” My own worries about whether I could ‘raise the bar’ from last year’s outstanding educational line-up have now vanished. When I received this letter from one of our members I felt I had to share it. 

“In days prior to our departure I had felt a great deal of anxiety about this meeting. I really did not know what to expect or if I would even fit in.  I can tell you that my anxiety was completely unfounded.  We arrived at the welcome party were we were greeted by RSPA representatives. Over the next 3 days I proceeded to meet and network with some of the most open and honest people that I would ever want to meet.  I had the great opportunity to have meals with our guest speakers, Brian Offenberger and Howard Hyden.  I was able to introduce myself, hang around and talk to board members. I found that I was not alone and that my pains and dreams are theirs also.  I found that it does not matter the size of your business, but your commitment to that business and the industry as a whole. This was the most important conference that I have ever gone to.  I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead with the new knowledge and friendships that I have made over the last few days.” 

 RSPA successfully delivered ‘awesome’ educational content and provided networking opportunities that are priceless. It made me realize once again why RSPA is around and how our events and education sessions bring value to the members who take advantage of all we have to offer.

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  1. 2010/02/25 6:35 pm

    Phyllis and I arrived mid-day Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed two wonderful days of relaxation and renewal.

    The resort hotel was marvelous and we really needed the rest!

    However, due to the snow back home in Washington, DC we were worried sick that our immediate and business family were stranded in “Snowmageddon”!

    We finally realized that we should just sit back, relax and count our blessings that our wonderful association picked just the RIGHT dates to be out of town in such a warm and wonderful climate.

    By Saturday morning I was “ready to get to work” with all the good folks in our RSPA.

    A productive and relaxing time that gave me time to think about the past year and the year to come and most especially compare notes among our peers.

    Thank you all for making this the best winter show ever for me – I have come back renewed and ready to get to work.

    Now how can we top that?

    Bill & Phyllis Kisse

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