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What’s new in 2010 for RetailNOW?


Hi there !

Registration for RetailNOW opened this week and I have to say that I’m excited about all the new features we have to offer in 2010! We’re offering more networking events during lunch, a CSR opportunity for the spouse’s excursion, and we’re going Green! Another exciting feature is our Women in Retail Technology group which will meet for the first time this year during RetailNOW.

For the past couple years, RSPA has been talking about starting a group for women in retail technology and we’re excited that it now has come to fruition. We are going to have our first networking function on Monday, July 26th from 1:45pm – 2:45 pm. This is an opportunity for the women in our industry to meet and form stronger relationships. While this group is just taking shape, we envision that it will provide a resource for women as they enter retail technology and advance their professional careers.

Other cool new things to look for: One-on-one opportunities with industry experts, more panel discussions, and QR codes in all of the show marketing!

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