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The show floor is over 80% sold!


Great news – the show floor is over 80% sold! We have some great exhibitors returning and some new faces! 

We’re working to provide more resources to our exhibitors to help maximize their RetailNOW experience. We’ll be hosting a webinar on June 9, 2010 to answer your questions and provide helpful hints. Visit for more information. We’ve also posted an exhibitor budget worksheet: 

Great, Free Exhibition tips at TSEA:

APEX’s exhibit term glossary:

Great Blog for exhibitors:  (Excerpt below)

“So why should companies still exhibit during an economic downturn?

To Close Deals & Sell More Product – Why would you want to shut off a stream of revenue when every bit counts?  Studies have shown that sustained marketing during a recession yields higher sales in the short-term. And market share increases accomplished in while weathering a recession are often maintained or expanded during the recovery and subsequent boom years.

To Remain “Top of Mind” for Prospects and Existing Customers – Let them know that your company is still strong, or maybe even take this opportunity to kick it up a notch and stake your claim to the top player position in your niche.

To Take Advantage of Less a Crowded Space – Perhaps your company can secure more prominent booth space that may have been vacated by the competition. And with fewer exhibitors, there will be less noise, allowing your message get through and resonate longer with attendees and the media.

To Make High Quality Connections – Although the industry has seen a drop in the number of total show attendees and the sizes of booth spaces have been reduced, the QUALITY of the visitor now is much better. Companies may no longer be sending 25 reps to a conference or industry expo, now it’s maybe 10 or 12 – but those that they are being sent are the key decision makers and top representatives of companies you are looking to connect with. While companies are watching travel and entertainment expenses, they still feel that it’s important for their staff to stay connected, stay current on emerging trends in their industry, and to participate in education opportunities typically offered in conjunction with trade shows and other events.

Face-to-Face marketing experiences are personal, sensorial, tactile, emotional, and tangible.  No alternate or surrogate for that kind of direct contact exists.


Well I’m off to Vegas next week for some site planning. Looking forward to being at Mandalay Bay again this year!

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