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Are you getting all the perks?


It’s that time of year again! We are getting ready to work on the Show Guide – a beast of a publication with anything and everything that involves the show. One of the most important elements of the Show Guide is compiling the information needed for the Exhibitor Descriptions and making sure we have everyone’s information. Which brought me to this blog topic… are you represented in the Show Guide?

Basically for exhibitors, there’s a lot of exposure opportunities in the Show Guide, including several that are absolutely FREE! Yes, I said it, free exposure. Each and every attendee of RetailNOW will receive this publication which features everything from dress code (which is business casual for almost every event – just a reminder) to an Exhibit Hall layout.

So, exhibitors, have you sent in your information? If you aren’t sure what all you get, here’s a checklist for you to run through. Remember – ALL of these items are due by Friday June 11th.  It will only take a minute.

Have you:

  • Submitted your contact information for your exhibitor listing? (Just a hint: The first three bullet points on this list can be achieved with the same form!)
  • Submitted your 350 character description (free for member exhibitors)?
  • Purchased a logo to accompany your listing and sent us the vector version of your logo? (Which we’ll also post on the web at – it’s a great deal.)
  • Purchased an ad in the Show Guide and sent in the artwork?
  • Submitted your Exhibitor Giveaway Form? (Another free exposure opportunity! Let us know what you’ll be giving away at your booth and we’ll publish it for FREE on the website and in the Show Guide so everyone knows to come to your booth for great prizes)

We know, as exhibitors, you have about a thousand details to tackle for the show. So we are trying to help in any way we can to keep you updated on the deadlines and opportunities of which you should take advantage.

Last but not least, don’t forget we have some resources out there for you if you have questions, concerns, comments, etc. One huge resource we have put together is an exhibitor webinar, which is free, for you to get logistical information from the hotel, GES, our Meetings & Events Coordinator, etc. Do yourself a favor and take an hour to attend this session and I’m positive you’ll get some great information out of it. Second, we have compiled a list of FAQs for exhibitors. If you have questions, you can start here.

Good luck with planning! See you in Vegas!

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