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E-Learning E-xcitement


While I know this post is going to sound like a sales pitch or infomercial, I can’t help but share my excitement. Something I’ve been working on for a long time is finally coming together. RSPA now has available access to educational content 24/7/365 right from your workstation! For the last several months I’ve been implementing an e-learning portal we’re calling RSPA’s Center for Industry Education. ( At the Center you can search an extensive course catalog which includes over 3,000 business related courses. The topics range from sales and marketing skills to learning how to program in Java! There are courses for project management, customer service skills, even cash flow and budgeting. ‘Prep’ courses for industry certification exams can also be found in our course catalog. Members receive special discounted pricing and can purchase licenses singly or in bundled groups of 5, 10 and 20 courses. Soon you’ll be able to access our growing library of webinar recordings and register for onsite classes.

 RSPA Certified e-xtends

I’m even more excited to share that our “RSPA Certified” program will be moving into the next phase – offering credentials for individuals. The RSPA Certification and Education committee has been instrumental in helping me craft a training curriculum for two certificate programs: RSPA Sales Specialist and RSPA Support Specialist.  Individuals who complete these certificate programs will not only be validating their skills, but bringing increased value to the business they work for.

Education should be a lifelong pursuit and now with round-the-clock access to RSPA’s Center for Industry Education, you can develop your professional skills on your schedule.

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