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Splash Dance


I do my best thinking in the water, whether it’s in the shower or swimming laps. The Ultra Swim competition was in Charlotte the other week. Olympians Michael Phelps and Ricky Berens were here along with many aspiring Olympic caliber athletes. As I watched the swimmers train early one morning from my lane in the pool, it got me thinking about a session from this year’s Inspire conference. Howard Hyden, one of our featured speakers said, “When we watch awesome performers in our personal life, such as the Olympians, we intuitively know that these athletes could not be competing at this level were it not for a serious commitment to training.”

“Serious commitment to training”… How many of us think of our jobs like an athlete thinks about his next race? Do we have a ‘serious commitment to training’ to allow us to compete at a high level? Are we happy just to glide along with the current or are we making white water, pushing harder?

Professional development is an investment that not only grows that individual, but brings increased value to the company, to the team. Sure there are expenses associated with sending someone to a conference or training, but the new found ideas or tools that you bring back reenergize and refocus the rest of the staff upon return. Great ROI in my opinion!

As education manager at RSPA I am challenged to offer the right education at the right price point for members. With the economy’s slow recovery, businesses are still watching every dime. Training budgets are thin if not gone, so it’s hard to justify the expenses associated with attending onsite education. Still, training is one of the tools in your arsenal that can actually bring more value and perhaps more revenue back into the business.

Following RetailNOW on Thursday, July 29, RSPA has scheduled two classes that are directed at sales and service managers for only $149. If you’re already at RetailNOW you should consider staying for these professional development classes. We’ve got some seasoned instructors who will share what works and what doesn’t. Best of all, you’ll return to your business energized with ideas to make things run smoother.

Competition is tough out there. Are you training to compete at a high level?

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