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Worth the extra day in Vegas? You bet!



Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb! Either you get a GREAT view from up there, or you crash down to the ground. I was a bit hesitant to offer a full day of education following RetailNOW, but with the encouragement of my education and certification committee I did it. Truth be told, I would have been happy if 15 people registered for the classes, but to my surprise (and elation) we had a total of 35 people for the “Management Focus” Sales and Service classes. Bob Bauer of BMC led the Service class and shared his wisdom and experience on topics such as pit grids, rates and fee schedules, tracking service percentages, and how to evaluate employees. Participants walked away with a jump drive full of interactive spreadsheets and charts to tweak for their businesses when they returned home.

In the sales class, instructor Alan Wright of Postec faced a diverse group of managers from various viewpoints in the reseller and vendor community. Wright shared his QWST model (Qualities of a Winning Sales Team) and while it quickly became apparent that sales organizations vary greatly, the traits for a quality sales team are universal. Some of the most beneficial take-aways surfaced through discussions including staffing for today’s environment by employing a hybrid workforce of secondary income/part-time workers, creative compensation options, and successful use of CRM tools. After a full day of class, we were all tired but energized to return to our jobs with valuable tips, tricks, and peers off whom we could bounce ideas.

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