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President’s Note | Channel Sustainability


In September, we provided you with a recap of the activities at our successful RetailNOW 2010 convention and trade show. Equally important are some of the initiatives discussed during the general sessions and panel discussions. Number one on the list is channel sustainability – or the ongoing health and growth of the reseller channel for retail technology. RSPA’s reseller members typically represent the best and most successful resellers in the industry. However, there is a generational transition taking place. Many resellers, who have built their businesses up over the past 30 to 40 years, are ready for retirement and passing the baton to new management. Others are simply closing up shop. Not a good situation for our industry or anyone developing products for the retail technology industry.

The good news is that new resellers are getting into the business. Many of these companies are established businesses looking to extend their reach to retail technology, expanding from the back to the front of the house or new businesses.

Arguably there are approximately 2,000 legitimate retail technology resellers in North America – about 30% of those resellers are members. RSPA’s role is to assist both new and old resellers in extending their business with retail technology. We are working with our Membership Committee, Canadian Committee and our Vendor Working Group to reach all resellers to make them aware of the business benefits of membership. RSPA’s education, certification and networking member benefits provide a source of peer to peer information to help members quickly hurdle any business or technology obstacles facing their businesses. The goal of these efforts is to help maintain and grow the retail technology resellers channel and provide them with tools to make their business more productive.

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