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President’s Note – Thank You!


With the holidays in mind, I sat back and started to consider all that RSPA had to be thankful for during, what had become, a fast-paced year.

First, and most importantly, we are grateful for our members who continuously support the association. We have members who have been with the association for over 50 years and a record number of new members who have joined in 2010. The passion and fortitude that our long-standing members bring to the association continues to be the foundation for the association’s success. The enthusiasm and imagination of our new members bring help the association remain relevant and grow.

From day one, I’ve said, we have a great Board of Directors. Everyone has the same agenda: help our members and our industry. We are able to have tough discussions and make difficult decisions but we always end up working together. Personal or company specific agendas are always put aside when discussing RSPA business; what a benefit for our association and industry. You may not know it but our officers volunteer a significant amount of their time each year focusing on association business. On average, our Chairman of the Board has served several years on committees and on the Board before achieving that position. RSPA could not function without the dedication and commitment of our officers.

Committees are the pistons in the RSPA engine and move our agenda forward. We have over 150 committee members undertaking the work of the association and our industry. Our committees work with RSPA staff on industry issues such as PCI and emerging technologies, also association specific matters such as membership, marketing and investments.

Last, but not least, are our sponsors. Typically sponsorships come from our vendor members and provide a significant amount of operating revenue for the association. Sponsorships help fund our events such as RetailNOW, INSPIRE and our Industry Focus Management Courses; create educational content; and help to establish RSPA as the Center for Industry Education. This funding allows RSPA to help your business. Please be aware of our sponsors and their efforts by supporting them with your business. Year after year, our sponsors continue to underwrite the work of the association and provide the fuel for the RSPA engine. We could not have grown or even survived without our sponsors’ support.

Thank you for a great year!

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