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Certification Q&A w/Lynn Skurla and Jesse Dison


I recently caught up with Lynn Skurla, President, and Jesse Dison, III, a support technician of Skurla’s Business & Hospitality Systems to talk about their participation in RSPA’s Certification program. Skurla’s was one of the first companies to achieve RSPA Certification in July, 2009. Now, Skurla’s technical staff is pursuing the newest element of our certification program, the RSPA Support Specialist Certificate. Here’s what Lynn and Jesse had to say about their experience:

Q: Lynn, why is participating in RSPA Certification so important to your business?

A: Our competitive environment is constantly changing.  There are new players in the market. 

Q: Why is your support staff completing the RSPA Support Specialist certificate program?

A: Having my technicians become RSPA Support Specialists is one way to gain a competitive advantage. It is a differentiator and sets us apart from our competitors. Our goal in getting all of our support staff certified is to take our customer service to the next level. Not only will the certification help the staff increase their technical skills, but it will also help them in other areas:  improving customer relationships, time management, and goal setting. It is also critical that the support team stays abreast of current hot topics, such as security and PCI regulations. By taking advantage of RSPA’s Certification program, we can accomplish these goals efficiently, effectively and affordably.

Q: Jesse, did you have to meet any pre-requisite skills to begin the Support Specialist certificate program?

A: The program requires you to complete some paperwork that shows you agree to uphold the RSPA Code of Ethics, have 2 years’ experience installing POS Solutions or IT networks, have Network+ certification, and have completed at least one vendor specific software application course.

Q: Jesse, where did you go to begin taking the courses?

A: The courses are all online, so I created a login account at RSPA’s Center for Industry Education site, and then Lynn purchased the courses for us. I was able to take the courses online from work or home whenever it fit into my schedule.

Q: Why did you choose to start with the Goals and Setting Goals course? 

A: By taking this course I learned how to set more effective and realistic goals for myself.  At work, this translates into helping me prioritize projects and better manage my daily tasks.

Q: What did you like about the course?

A: It was very in-depth on goal setting and the different levels of goals.  The questions at the end of the sections were ones that made you think. They weren’t just easy multiple choice questions.

For more information on RSPA Certification visit, or feel free to contact me (Lauren) at Also, check out the recent RSPA ‘connect’ for information on Education and Certification.

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  1. 2011/02/04 4:51 pm

    The problem with IT security within businesses is that they can be not fully aware of all the potential risks out there

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