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Taking their Mark to Make their Mark


RSPA 'connect' magazine coverI was really excited about the December issue of connect magazine. Remember the issue with the track & field theme? This connect issue, dedicated to RSPA certification and education, has resonated with many of our members – and they are strapping on their track shoes and are “taking their mark to make their mark” as the magazine cover says! Some member companies are already ‘in training’ with their staff teams readying to ‘run the certification race.’

This week alone I’ve given two companies demos on accessing RSPA’s online courses. During our short time together I was able to:

  • Show how to access RSPA’s PCIwise courses, as well as those required for the new Sales Specialist and Support Specialist certificate programs.  
  • Showcase the professional development courseware we have at our fingertips – including CompTia prep courses, Cisco, Microsoft Office and programming languages. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of courses out there on budgeting, leadership, time management, etc.
  • Learn how our member companies plan to grow their staff knowledge and even how to use our course offerings as a ‘value-add’ for their customers.
  • Explain how bundle purchasing works (and can give you the most bang for your buck).
  • Explain how promotion codes can be setup so you allow employees or customers the ability to choose their own professional development courses.

If your company is interested in learning more about RSPA’s online courses available, visit  Remember RSPA is Your Center for Industry Education.

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