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Time For an Upgrade


This year changes, challenges and opportunities will be coming at our industry from both known and new areas. While change is a constant for our industry, we have seen accelerated changes over the past two years. It’s time to upgrade yourself and your business to address these changes. 

RSPA’s “business engine”, (for lack of a better term), is a lot like the average reseller. We worry about the cost for health care, maintaining cash flow, a productive and content staff and of course customer (member) satisfaction. We are continually upgrading our knowledge and business to stay in a leadership position. We’ve upgraded our line of credit to take advantage of the low interest rates, shopped around our health care to find a better program at lower cost and moved our office to a “right sized” space. We also continually keep up with technology and market trends to ensure we are providing our members/customers with the latest information and best practices.

We encourage everyone to perform a personal and business upgrade in 2011. Funding sources for your business and customers will continue to be a challenge. The traditional business model is changing with more adoption of Software or Solutions as a Service (SaaS). Consumer based tablet and smart phone products with Apple and Android apps are beginning to impact our business. There is no end game yet in place for the PCI compliance issue – how do you implement best practices to protect your business and customers? Finally, there is the generational transition taking place within the reseller channel. Traveling down the same road may not always work in 2011. Here are some tips to make sure you are on the right road. Make sure your business has a secure financial base, get up to date on the new technologies, get educated on new business tools and make sure you have a tangible marketing program for your products and your company. Opportunities and risk abound in 2011, be sure to upgrade so that you can take advantage of all the opportunities.

Thoughts on 2011? Leave a comment.

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