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Riley on the Drums?


Joe Finizio on GuitarOne of the great benefits of RSPA events (besides education which I am biased towards) is the networking opportunities. Nothing bonds folks like a shared experience and there were plenty of those at this year’s INSPIRE event in Maui. When I look back on the trip, I can’t forget two memorable moments. The first was Sunday’s Whale Watch. The ride over in the bus gave us an opportunity to catch up with old, make new friends and find out what they were busy with. After ditching our shoes and putting all our belongings in plastic garbage bags, we waded out into the water to board the boat. For me, being vertically challenged, that meant the waves that broke hit me above the waist! Of course for my buddy Jeff, that same wave hit his legs! You can guess how high he towers above me. So there we all began, slightly soggy but happy for the adventure. Seeing hump-back whales spout water and slap flippers and tails was amazing. The water show didn’t disappoint. The dolphins had their part of the action too, riding our bow waves. Even after leaving the boat, the whale show continued our entire stay on the island. We could see them from the balcony of our room, from the beach, and especially from the kayaks. It is something I will never forget; a special treat I hadn’t bargained for.

The second memorable moment was the Tuesday night Member Dinner. We had a beautiful outdoor venue at the edge of the beach. Large red paper lanterns hung overhead and candle-lit table lanterns set quite the festive scene. As the sun was setting, we knew it was going to be a special night. After a warm-up performance by the humped backed whales, the band took the stage. After the second set, we were surprised when our own RSPA President & CEO, Joe took the stage for what we thought was going to be an announcement. Next thing we knew, Joe had a guitar slung over his shoulder and was counting down for the band to begin. Suddenly, other RSPA member rockers migrated to the stage anxious to take their turn. By the third song, we had an RSPA jam band on stage with drummer Jeff Riley accompanying Joe, Robin Chapel on the cow bell and Lynn Skurla on the tambourine. They rocked it out!

Jeff Riley on Drums

These shared experiences will continue to bond us with our fellow industry professionals and foster our business relationships going forward.

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  1. 2011/03/01 6:18 pm

    What a great time we had!!! Thanks for sharing Lauren. Inspire 2011 was a hit!

  2. 2011/03/10 9:29 pm

    There is also video of this fabulous show!

    Will everyone be able to see the RSPA “Pickup Band” in all their glory?

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