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President’s Note – The Technology End Game for PCI


Chip and pin or EMV, end-to-end encryption, tokenization, encrypted mag card readers, NFC in cell phones – there has been a proliferation of technologies to address the PCI data security issue. While all of these have some merit they all carry a price for technology providers and end-users. The problem is that, with no clear technology roadmap in sight, there could be a continuous stream of products that seem to solve the problem but soon become obsolete. This inherently causes problems with your customer base and a resistance to upgrade to the next technology. With many merchants/end-users still using non-compliant software, I’m sure the challenge is clear.

Today, there is NO technology end game to solve the PCI Data Security problem. Even Chip and Pin has been hacked! We also need to remember that technology alone will not provide the solution – best practices for installation, service and ongoing administration are part of the puzzle.

The Coalition of Associations is working on a long-term and a short-term solution. Long term we need to find a technology solution. Our goal is to leap-frog over the current solution and find the end-game technology. Right now NFC (Near Field Communications) in a mobile phone looks very promising. However, we also need a short-term solution that’s leveraging today’s PCI SSC standards, the available technology and best practices. During the March meeting of the Association Coalition we began the work on these two items. Stay tuned on this as we will keep you updated on the progress of these initiatives in connect and on-line.

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