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NINJA: How can I talk my manager into that?


{ N.IN.J.A. – Need INformation? Just Ask! }

After powering through the PCIwise for Technology Providers Certificate track, many of  you are working towards completing the RSPA Support Specialist or Sales Specialist certificate. If you’re one of those individuals it would be helpful to know how to purchase courses in bundles to get your certificate with the least amount of spending necessary. We received a question like this from one member:

Q: Some of the courses in the certificate programs cost money – $76/course. How will I talk my manager into paying for that?

A: While the cost for individual courses can make it difficult to convince your manager to invest in ongoing education, there is another option. We have worked to provide bundles. The best value for RSPA Members is to purchase a bundle of 20 courses for $272. Bundled pricing brings down the cost to about $14/course. Big difference, huge savings. 

How to purchase bundles:
Be sure to enter the Reason for Charge:  20-Course Bundle
Amount to be Charged: $272
Contact information is necessary for the RSPA Education department to send the appropriate promotion code to use when taking your courses.

*Bundles can be purchased on an ongoing basis, so if you run out, just repeat the steps above. Questions? Email:

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