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Social Networking + Face-to-Face = Perfect Connection Cocktail


As we approach RetailNOW – our industry’s biggest event of the year, I wanted to pass along some helpful social media tips I’ve collected over the years to not only help if you’re an exhibitor trying to get a buzz going about your booth but also if you are an attendee. Whichever category you fall into, you want to make the most of RetailNOW. Social networking is great but when you combine it with face-to-face time, the two ingredients make for a perfect connection cocktail. 🙂  See you in July!

  • Start your conversation (about your booth or attending #RetailNOW) before event
    • For Twitter: Use hashtag #RetailNOW
    • For LinkedIn: Check out RSPA’s group
    • For Facebook: Let everyone know you are attending RetailNOW in your status update to start conversations with others that may be attending. If you have a booth, let everyone know your booth number and what you will be featuring at the event.
    • If exhibiting, tweet weekly about blog posts, exhibitor location, discounts to your products at show.
    • If exhibiting, hold a Tweet contest (ex: I am visiting the XYZ at Booth 127 at #RetailNOW) – 20th person to retweet wins prize at booth
    • Facebook Promotion – create event invite on Facebook and linked in – photo of booth and/or giveaways
    • If exhibiting, host a webinar before show to create interest on product/booth showing
    • While at show – do the following:
      • Spend time in breakout sessions to learn about industry – blog and tweet to bring attention to event (and booth or your business) – learn about other attendee wants/needs
      • Tweet/blog about tools your company offers that will solve attendee problems
      • Follow hash tags to see what attendees are talking about – catch up on trends (listen to community)
      • Build relationships at events so people will follow you and retweet your information (and company/product information)
      • Tweet/Blog about booth visitors – what challenges they’ve had and how you’ve helped

What we are trying to say is: Get Social!  The more you engage, the more you are going to get out of RetailNOW – Where the Industry Meets!

Connect with RSPA! And add a comment with your twitter username so we can follow you and others can too.


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