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We Can Change the World… Again [President’s Note]


Anyone who grew up in the 1960’s can relate to the above topic. The time has come for all of us to once again change the world – not just the baby boomers from the 60’s, but everyone who is involved in the retail technology industry.

As the technology world evolves, we can sit back and become extinct, OR get moving, grab the new opportunities and change our world. We did it before… let’s do it again! Just go back to the early 1970’s, for example, when our industry transitioned from mechanical to electronic. Those who embraced the new technologies changed the retail technology world. And, the early products were scary – they ran on car batteries and had no backup for a 19,000 item PLU file that took hours to key in by hand.

Fast forward to 2011 and we have: cloud, SaaS, mobile wallets, tablets, and apps on consumer smart phones. It’s time to embrace these new technologies and change the world again. For our part, RSPA is attempting to provide thought leadership with industry specific education and shared best practices to help our members extend and transition their respective businesses so that we can change the world.

How are you embracing new technologies or at least keeping them in mind? Leave a comment.

If you are a vendor exhibiting at RetailNOW 2012 and have a new technology, consider applying for RetailNEXT recognition at the show. It’s another way we are bringing information to our reseller community about emerging technology that is changing our industry in the immediate future.

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