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Meet Billy, RSPA Support Specialist {Q&A}


Catching up with Billy, RSPA Support Specialist from Postec

LAUREN (RSPA): How do you think becoming an RSPA Support Specialist will help you in your day-to-day job function?

BILLY: Becoming an RSPA Support Specialist has enabled me to increase my knowledge in many different categories. By completing these RSPA courses, it will definitely help me and other members of Postec in successfully supporting our customers. Technology is frequently changing, so it is important to “continue” our education.

LAUREN (RSPA): What was your biggest ‘take away’ from the courses that you completed?

BILLY: If I had to pick one area that was important for me to get up to speed in quickly, I would have to say PCI Compliance. The changes that all of us in the pos industry had to get a grasp on with PCI was quite a challenge. I feel that the RSPA courses on this topic were exactly what I needed to get a greater understanding of the PCI Compliant guidelines.

 LAUREN (RSPA): Tell us one interesting tidbit about you (hobbies, sports, unique item).

BILLY: I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like golf and mountain biking. But even though I was born and grew up here in the south, I have always enjoyed playing hockey since I was a kid.


Do you have additional questions for Billy about his experience? Please leave a comment!

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