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RetailNOW Myth: BUSTED!


Some vendors fear losing their resellers to the competition at RetailNOW. The evidence proves otherwise.

With RetailNOW 2012 right around the corner (and sold out to boot), many of the RSPA committees’ focus has switched to outreach; specifically getting new faces to the show. In particular, the Vendor Working Group is leading the charge (as they have the past few years).

Year after year we hear the same reasons why vendors are concerned with bringing their channel to the show- not wanting to lose that reseller partner to competition.

Sara Petrus, RSPA’s Membership Manager, recently reached out to three of our vendor members, who have traditionally brought their channel to RetailNOW. The general consensus is that encouraging resellers to attend RetailNOW gives them access to educational tools, industry best practices and the invaluable face-to-face time.

“At each RSPA event, there are many actionable and specific takeaways our resellers get which can be put to immediate use to improve their sales and profitability. While there is always a competitive risk to exposing our resellers to alternative solutions, the competitive risk associated with not being exposed is far greater; resellers will lose their insight and competitive edge by not attending,” said Jeff Riley, Dinerware.

Not convinced?

“It will always be a valid concern, as every POS product that’s worth anything is being shown at RetailNOW. Still, we feel that the benefits outweigh the risks, and if we’ve done our job the rest of the year our resellers won’t be looking for a new product,” said John Giles, Future POS.

If we still haven’t changed your mind…

“If you are on the fence about inviting your resellers to RetailNOW, I would encourage you to try it. It is great way to spend some extra time with your existing resellers without spending your travel budget on individual visits,” said Will Atkinson, CAP Software.

So go ahead, invite your channel to come. Give them access to the educational tools, industry best practices and squeeze in some face to face time while you are there. You have done your job by providing excellent service, support and products to your resellers, now let RSPA do our job by providing resources to help grow their businesses.

Don’t know where to start? Try reaching out to RSPA’s Marketing and Communications Department, we have plenty of resources available to vendors to promote the show to their channel. We can work with you to provide an email template, web banners, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help.

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