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Ambur Point of Sale (POS) [New Member Monday]


In 4-5 sentences, describe your business.

Ambur is an iPad based point of sale for restaurants. With Ambur, you can run payroll, generate customized reports, export totals to spreadsheets, view order history for customers and much more. You staff can take orders, process credit cards at the table, print receipts and always have access to the point of sale system no matter where they are in the restaurant. Our goal is to make the lives of restaurateurs easier, not to overwhelm them with useless features.

How long have you been involved in the retail technology industry?

Co-founders Ansar Khan and James O’Leary have worked at the Khan family restaurant for the better part of their lives. They began work on Ambur in 2009, prior to the first launch of the iPad. The majority of the Ambur Team have experience in either the hospitality industry and/or computer programming and development.

What attracted you to RSPA?

RSPA is a great community of professionals who really care about forming relationships to better the retail and hospitality industries. We saw joining RSPA not only as an opportunity to build relationships, but a necessity for anyone who wants to succeed in this business.

 What are the core values of your company?

It is our goal to help business owners take control of their business, run it more efficiently and to understand their business better than they could have without Ambur.

Name one fun fact that makes your company different from your competitors.

We survive off of RedBull, the love of food and contests. Who’s in the office first? Who leaves last? Who’s best at basketball, frisbee or pingpong? Who can hold a handstand longest? We’re a competitive group, and that drive is part of why we’re in this industry.

 What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of the retail technology industry?

Mobility. Whether it be taking orders tableside, customers ordering from a smart phone menu, or holding all of your credit cards, debit cards and gift cards in one mobile application, mobility is where it’s at and something we’ll all have to adopt.

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