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eDiningNews [New Member Monday]


In 4-5 sentences, describe your business.  

Established in 2003, eDiningNews is a marketing and media company specializing in the hospitality industry. We help POS vendors increase their value as a “trusted advisor” by providing their customers with the online marketing strategies they need to acquire new customers.  eDiningNews also provides campaign management for loyalty programs to help restaurants retain their existing customers.  The eDiningNews website serves as a communication tool for restaurants that want to highlight a holiday menu or communicate through social media and video.

How long have you been involved in the retail technology industry?

We have provided online marketing solutions for the hospitality industry since 2003, and the Founder, David Hillman, worked with the Founder of Cuisinart on development of the first interactive laserdisc touch-screen kiosk for customer use in a retail store.

What attracted you to RSPA?

After learning about the RSPA from a colleague, we viewed the RSPA website. It was clear that if we wanted to be up on the latest developments in the retail market, becoming a member of the RSPA, and attendance at RetailNOW 2012 was the place to be.

What are the core values of your company?

Our mission is to educate POS vendors, and the customers they serve, about how the latest technologies and marketing strategies can be used to not just send emails and offer coupons, but to truly communicate and start a conversation with their customers.

Name one fun fact that makes your company different from your competitors.

A program we recently created called “Ask Kristen” is a monthly contest that lets chefs share cooking tips and recipes through video with visitors to the eDiningNews website. It also lets viewers communicate with chefs through video social networking.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of the retail technology industry?

The introduction of loyalty programs that integrate the smart phone with the POS system give restaurant owners the ability to track, to the penny, their investment in the different marketing programs they are using. This capability, as well as, the ability to send specific offers to specific groups, greatly increases the value of every POS system that uses these programs, and the value of the POS vendor who provides it to his customer.


Find out more about eDiningNews by visiting their website:

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