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Speaking of PCI | President’s Note


Scott Berkshire and Brad Cyprus, the two chairs of RSPA’s PCI Committee, and I were in attendance at the recent PCISSC Community Meeting. RSPA is a participating organization, representing the interests of our members. There were about 1,000 attendees, mostly made up of payment processing security professionals. The PCISSC does a good job of creating standards but they continue to point the finger at retail technology providers as the main source of breaches at small merchant sites. The PCISSC (PCI Security Standards Council) seems to forget that the 50 year old mag-stripe technology is the source of the payment processing data security problem. While in Orlando, RSPA, NRA and NACS (members of CARDS) had a productive meeting with the five card brands where those same facts were presented. We continue to push for simplified compliance and a technology roadmap (not just the recently released mobile guidance document), for mobile payment processing and collaboration on education, an explanation of the fines imposed on a merchant who was breached and a transfer of the breach liability from the merchant. We presented our 11 steps for data security as an alternative to the SAQ for small merchants. Some progress was made and we have a follow-up meeting scheduled in a few weeks.

For those of us that have been in the industry for a while, there are more changes, challenges and opportunities than we have seen in the last 30+ years. History shows that the companies and individuals who use education to stay ahead of these changes will be successful. It’s an exciting time for our industry.

What are your biggest concerns? What are you doing to stay ahead of the changes? Leave a comment for us. 
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