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ROAM [New Member Monday]



In 4-5 sentences, describe your business.

ROAM provides the only end-to-end mobile commerce platform on the market enabling merchant-facing businesses and retailers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively deliver innovative and secure mobile point of sales solutions to their customers. The platform includes all of the hardware peripherals, applications, tools and services companies need to begin realizing the benefits of using mobile in order to reinvent their interactions with their customers and to create new business efficiencies.

As an Ingenico company, ROAM is part of the number one provider of payment solutions worldwide. Together, ROAM and Ingenico have worked with card brands, merchants, retailers, processors, financial institutions and banks in many countries around the world to successfully implement industry leading mobile solutions.

How long have you been involved in the retail technology industry?

Founded in 2005, ROAM is a pioneer in the mobile POS space, having produced and distributed the industry’s first secure mobile card reader and today powers mobile point of sale solutions for many of the leading retailers and merchant-facing companies in this market, globally.

What attracted you to RSPA?

As the leading mobile commerce platform provider to many of the world’s largest retailers, it seemed like a natural fit to join the RSPA. The team at ROAM was very interested in all of the available retail technology education that the RSPA provides, as well as information on new business trends, networking opportunities and industry leading events. The RSPA also provides access to the entire RSPA Membership Directory, which includes over 1,000 member businesses. This seemed like a tremendous way to create new business opportunities, facilitate relationships with additional resellers, exchange best practices and expand brand awareness.

What are the core values of your company?

ROAM’s core values include passion, innovation, quality and commitment. We are passionate about delivering the most innovative and secure mobile commerce experiences to our customers. We take pride in our innovative technology and groundbreaking mobile commerce solutions, and we’re constantly striving to take our products and services to the next level. We’re committed to our customers’ success and are dedicated to exceeding their expectations.

Name one fun fact that makes your company different from your competitors.

ROAM is an innovative Boston-based technology company in the middle of one of fast growing mobile ecosystems in the world, at the same time as being the mobile payments arm of an establish billion-dollar global payments company headquartered in Paris, France.

What is the most encouraging thing you see for the future of the retail technology industry?

As the leading global provider of mobile commerce solutions worldwide, we strongly believe that the most encouraging thing for the future of retail technology industry lies in mobile. This goes far beyond just providing a store clerk with a mobile device, but actually transforming smartphones and tables into true mobile point of sale terminals. As more and more retailers begin leveraging mobile point of sale acceptance solutions, we believe this will also help in driving the migration from cash to electronic payments, thus improving security, efficiency and customer experience. These are all very positive outcomes that we have to look forward to as the retail technology industry continues to evolve.

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